As clear as MUD

Remember back to your childhood, playing in the garden making pies out of mud and eating dirt before your parents could stop you. Well, two Victorian friends have taken this concept to a new level producing a holistic health brand called MUD. MUD is a range of natural clay based products designed to purify your skin, detox your body, and clear your mind. But rest assured there is no backyard dirt in these products!
We live in a world full of environmental toxins, heavy metals, pollution, and chemicals, which can accumulate in our body over time making us unwell and disrupting our equilibrium. On top of that, extremely busy and stressful workloads do nothing to help the situation. MUDs mission is to create a movement around ‘balance’. Their aim is to help people take control of their own health and wellbeing, because as much as we try, our lifestyles can’t always be a picture of health, or as they put it ‘as clear as mud’.
MUD is actually an acronym which stands for My Ultimate Detox. Its’ key ingredient is Australian Bentonite Clay which has an electrical charge which comes to life with water. The negative charge in the clay attracts the positive charge found in toxins thus, extracting them from the body.

My recovery MUD bath!

I tested Muscle MUD to aid my recovery after a heavy training session. It’s a soothing bath soak designed to ease sore muscles and detox your skin. If you lack access to a tub it can also be used as a full body mask or a foot bath. All ingredients in MUD are 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty free. Along with Bentonite clay Muscle MUD contains;

  • Kaolin clay to increase circulation,
  • Himalayan pink rock salt as a cleanser,
  • Aloe Vera to moisture skin,
  • Peppermint Essential Oil to reduce inflammation,
  • and Epsom Salt which has been used for centuries to relax muscles and soothe muscle pain.

Unlike the real stuff, MUD comes in a durable pouch as perfectly refined power that you simply add to water. My 20 minute bathe in MUD certainly did the trick for my achy body and made me feel completely relaxed and sleepy. Definitely try this one before bed if you have trouble getting to sleep and feel restless.

Check out the full range of MUD bath and body products at their website and start restoring your balance with MUD.

Photo credits: S.Seipel.

Edible Beauty Australia – Let’s turn beauty inside out!

If you follow me on Instagram @susanseipel.paralympian you will know that I love coffee. It’s the thing that motives me to jump out of bed in the ridiculously early hours of the morning to get to training. It’s a daily habit of mine. Another of which is my skincare routine. So you can imagine my joy when I found a skincare range that not only incorporates coffee as a natural ingredient but also something that I am tirelessly striving for… gold!

You don’t need to be a beauty expert to know an outdoor water sport can be harsh on your epidermis. Everyday my skin is exposed to various weather conditions from extreme heat and damaging UV rays, to freezing cold and drying winds. A training session would not be complete without some sweat and dirt to clog your pores. Not to mention the questionable cleanliness of some of the waterways in which we bask, all too often they are polluted and teeming with nasty bacteria. Having said that, I love my sport and in addition to always wearing sunscreen, having a good skincare routine is essential to combat the daily peril. So let me introduce you to Edible Beauty Australia.


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Edible Beauty Australia is a skincare range that is packed full of natural ingredients that are literally good enough to eat, although you will find the benefits from topical application. Made from pure therapeutic botanical ingredients that are chemical free, contain no animal products (100% vegan), and are cruelty free (not tested on animals).


I have been using the Edible Beauty & Gold Rush Eye Balm and the Edible Beauty & Velvet Coffee Body Butter for a few months now and I absolutely love these products! Firstly, let’s talk about packaging. All products come in recyclable Miron Violet Glass that has protective qualities and stops light passing through and effecting the contents. Thus preserving the integrity of the natural products and extending shelf-life. The other key word that I’m always looking for in regards to packaging is recyclable. An issue which is very important to me which you can read more about in my post Hila Upcycle – saving our planet!

Edible Beauty exceeds my expectations on so many levels. I love how luxurious and generous they are with their ingredients. The Edible Beauty & Gold Rush Eye Balm contains cucumber to reduce puffiness, antioxidant-rich oils to hydrate the eye area, and lavish amounts of gold leaf that you can really see in the pot and see when you apply. Gold has been used in beauty regimes throughout history, particularly among the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Japanese. It is believed that gold rejuvenates the skin and adds an incandescent glow perfect for under the eyes.



The Edible Beauty & Velvet Coffee Body Butter is a indulgent body moisturiser and contouring cream designed to detoxify, nourish, firm and smooth the skin with the added sensual component of smelling like my morning coffee. Believe me, it smells glorious and good enough to eat!

It is the combination of naturopathic traditional with modern nutritional and anti-ageing science that I think founder Anna Mitsios has done so well. She is a naturopath and nutritionist inspired by the incredible power of herbs and natural foods to transform, nourish, and revitalise. Check out the full range of Edible Beauty Australia products on their website and let’s turn beauty inside out.

Photo credits: S.Seipel (top), Edible Beauty Australia Website (middle & bottom).